Image showing a mock-up of the Be Better in the Bathroom print on a table

Baking Soda In The Shower – Skin Scrub And Shower Cleaner

Here’s how easy it is to exfoliate your face and body with just one ingredient. You guessed it — it’s baking soda.

How To Fall Asleep

We can read tips on how to fall asleep fast, but we really need visual reminders to actually put them into practice.

Using Baking Soda As Deodorant

Here’s a tip that will mean you’ll never have to buy over-priced deodorant again.

10 Tips To Live Your Best Bathroom Life

We visit the bathroom six to eight times a day. Shouldn’t we use that time smartly? Each of these smart bathroom tips has been thoroughly tested for you to try in your life! We can read tips like these online, but forget about them right when we need them. Remind yourself of these tips everyContinue reading “10 Tips To Live Your Best Bathroom Life”

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