Hi, I’m Donal!

I love self-improvement.

Correction: I am obsessed with self-improvement. Every single day I read tips and tricks to help save time and/or money, work smarter, sleep easier and have a better life. The problem is, I would enjoy reading it all but would often forget to actually implement my favorite tips into my life.

That’s why I had the idea to create Smart Art. I’m a very visual person and rely on graphic reminders (like sticky notes, whiteboards, etc.) to remind me to do things. I’ve created these posters for people to display in their homes, offices, and businesses. They’ll look superb, make for great conversation starters, and help you live a better life. They’re also a perfect gift for other self-improvement buffs you know.

Thanks for being here! Check out the shop, read the blog, or get in touch if you want to talk more!